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Applied Mathematician

Wir müssen wissen. Wir werden wissen.

                                                - David Hilbert

Thaddeus - Wu


Dr Wu is an early career postdoctoral researcher and lecturer in the Discipline of Biomedical Sciences and Molecular Biology at James Cook University, Australia. He earned his PhD in Applied Mathematics, specialising in Mathematical and Computational Systems Biology, from Monash University, Australia, in March 2022. 

​Research Interests:

  • Ordinary and partial differential equations

  • Stochastic differential equations and stochastic dynamics analysis

  • Mathematical modelling and analysis of gene expression processes

  • Statistical inference and analysis of gene regulatory networks

  • Dynamics and mechanistic analysis of cell-fate determination


The logo design of the BioMathStiX draws inspiration from the dandelion. The dispersal and spreading characteristics of dandelion seeds symbolise our social responsibility as educators and researchers—to disseminate professional knowledge, academic insights, and research enthusiasm, inspiring future generations. 

At the centre of the logo is the infinity symbol, representing the essence of the biomathematical concept: applying mathematical knowledge to explore the infinite possibilities of biological systems. At the same time, it also symbolises the endless journey of scientific exploration.

The dots surrounding the infinity symbol not only symbolise dandelion seeds but also represent the various molecular regulators within biological systems. The seemingly random yet orderly connections between these dots depict the intricate regulations among molecules and reflect the ubiquitous presence of noise in biological systems. This also implies that we will utilise modelling and stochastic analysis methods to study these complex biological systems, striving to unravel the underlying mechanisms that govern life phenomena.

This logo design encapsulates the research direction and educational philosophy of the BioMathStiX. We are dedicated to advancing the fields of biomathematics and stochastic dynamics while nurturing the next generation of scientific talents who possess solid knowledge, innovative spirit, and a sense of social responsibility. This logo serves as a constant reminder for us to persevere on the path of scientific research, remain committed to our educational mission, and work diligently to expand the boundaries of knowledge and contribute to the progress of society


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