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Current Projects

Our research harnesses the power of mathematical modelling, stochastic analysis, and statistical inference to unravel the complexities of biological systems. We are particularly interested in the intricate interplay between biological noise, gene expression and regulation, and cell-fate determination. The projects showcased below represent our current focus and ongoing endeavours in these areas.

For prospective Master's or Ph.D. students interested in joining our group, we welcome you to explore these projects and see if they align with your research interests. If you have your own compelling research ideas within the realm of biological mathematics and computational systems biology, we encourage you to reach out and discuss them with us. We are always excited to collaborate with motivated students who bring fresh perspectives and innovative thinking to the table.

Coding Station


Data Analysis for Single-Cell Long-read Sequencing Data

This Project aims to design new computational anlysis pipeline for single-cell long-read sequencing data


Multilevel Modelling for Unrevealing the Role of Transcriptomic Complexity in Cell-Fate Determination

This project aims to elucidate the complex interplay of molecular events during cell differentiation processes, employing a multilevel modelling approach incorporating data from recent technological advancements.



Mathematical Modelling and Analysis of AGO-Mediated Alternative Splicing Regulatory Mechanisms

This project aims to investigate the regulatory mechanisms of AGO-mediated alternative splicing through mathematical modelling and computational analysis

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